Darrick Wood School Open Event 2020

Welcome to our virtual open event for 2020, for those considering Darrick Wood School for 2021 admissions in to Year 7.  Please scroll down for an insight of our school and what we have to offer.

Visitors to Darrick Wood School frequently comment on our pupils’ excellent behaviour, their positive attitudes to each other, to their teachers and to their learning. They are also struck by the clean, well presented, modern facilities and the wide range of extra-curricular opportunities offered. Our results at GCSE and A level, designation as a Teaching School and numerous accolades and awards, such as the World Class School Quality Mark, provide further evidence of the School’s excellent reputation. Our approach is encapsulated in what we call The Darrick Wood Way. This incorporates our core values of respect, responsibility and honesty with our vision for learning where everyone supports each other to achieve the best possible education. In short, and in accordance with the School’s motto, Revereor Vitam, we have a reverence for life.


Learn about the five pillars of our Vision for Learning here. Darrick Wood School created it's own Vision for Learning with staff and students.
Vision for Learning - Y12


To enable all learners to grow, continually striving to develop their confidence, become increasingly adaptable, resilient and reflective.
Progress 500


To create the right conditions so that learners take responsibility for their own learning with the teacher acting as a facilitator.
Ownership 500


To encourage learners to deepen their thinking, take risks and develop strategies to increase resilience.
Challenge 500


To create a positive and safe environment where all members of the School have mutual respect.
Relationships 500


To use a range of strategies to create stimulating learning opportunities where learners demonstrate exceptional commitment.
Engagement 500

Our Values

Students, parent, carers and staff were asked to suggest which values they felt most represented Darrick Wood School. A list of 37 was whittled down to the three which were most popular or subsumed many of the others. Our values of respect, responsibility and honesty have been promoted across the whole school community ever since are vital constituents of what has become known as The Darrick Wood Way.


Respect includes respect for others, for oneself, for our surroundings and the environment.


Responsibility involves becoming more responsible in attitudes and accepting responsibility in all it's forms.


Honesty involves being honest with others and with ourselves.

Revereor Vitam

Our motto and logo originate from the earliest days of the School opening in the 1970s. To have a reverence or respect for life works as a basis for all we do at Darrick Wood on several levels. Walk around the School site in the early hours and you will hear the birds, including woodpeckers and almost certainly come across other woodland creatures such as squirrels and foxes. The School’s setting, on the edge of the London Borough of Bromley means it is surrounded not only by residential areas but also by woodlands and fields where the local wildlife, including the lesser spotted woodpecker thrive, but only if London’s Greenbelt land continues to be protected and we have a respect for life and the environment. It is said that the School’s first Head Teacher, Mr Turner, was keen to select the woodpecker as our logo since it was not only a reminder of the School’s setting but liked the idea that the woodpecker is an industrious bird that works hard to build its home. Working hard is something he felt was essential for educational success and we continue to emphasise this to this day. When Ofsted visited the School in 2019, the inspectors noted that our pupils are impeccably dressed and proud of their uniform.  Its distinctive colours certainly mean our pupils are noticed wherever they go and its origins have a 1970s feel (dark brown with ‘honey gold’). The important thing is not the colour, but the logo, the motto and the fact our students dress smartly and are proud of their school.

Life at Darrick Wood School

Our Curriculum

The School’s Curriculum Goal is “to provide all students with the appropriate qualifications, skills and values to equip them for life”.

At the heart of the Darrick Wood School curriculum is the National Curriculum. This is designed to enable all students to respond positively to the opportunities and challenges of the rapidly changing world in which they live. Students should leave school having become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. The NC establishes a coherent framework to promote study, building on previous learning and becoming more demanding as students move through the School.

The Darrick Wood School curriculum has two broad aims.

  1. To provide students with the opportunities to learn and achieve.
  2. To prepare students for the responsibilities and experiences of life.

In achieving these aims the curriculum is designed provide appropriate challenges for all students in ways which satisfy the diversity of their needs (including those in the Deaf Centre), so that opportunities for their inclusion in mainstream lessons are maximised.

Messages from Darrick Wood School

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