Rewards & behaviour


The School’s positive points reward system is tiered and incremental. It gives an opportunity to all students to be recognised for their achievements. Students have the chance to attain one or more of the following awards: Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum. These are awarded throughout the academic year depending upon an individual’s positive points accumulation.

Additionally, students are awarded subject awards once a term during special Achievement Assemblies with the Head Teacher. These awards are given to recognise outstanding performance in subject areas. During our achievement assemblies, Head Teacher Awards are also presented for outstanding commitment towards the School’s values and ethos.

The Physical Education Department holds an annual Sports Awards evening to celebrate sporting achievements ranging from sporting excellence to dedication to extra-curricular clubs.

Year 7 to 10

Year 11 to 13


We have very high expectations of our students. Our approach with behaviour is to maintain a friendly, well-ordered atmosphere based on mutual respect and care for others so that effective teaching and learning can take place at all times. We pay attention to detail on the basics such as uniform. Students are expected, for example, to be smartly dressed in our uniform and they must wear the correct colour coat (plain dark brown or black). This helps students to demonstrate to us that they are here to do their best to achieve highly and are full members of our school community, proud to adhere to our values and rules. Where this does not happen, we apply sanctions and support to help students grow and develop so that they are ready to be successful, not just at school but in the world beyond the school gates and their future lives.


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