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At Darrick Wood School, all Year 12 students take part in our annual Work Experience Programme each July. Additionally, all Year 12 students studying a BTEC course which requires them to participate in a work experience placement in line with their course, will complete additional work experience during the academic year.

Our work experience programme is designed to give young people a better insight into the world of work and to acquaint them with the key skills necessary to succeed in adult working life. Taking part in the work experience programme is an excellent opportunity for students to learn and develop transferrable skills that will benefit them in the future.

Work experience usually takes place on an employer’s premises in which students carry out particular tasks, similar to an employee but with the emphasis on the learning aspects. More recently, organisations are offering an increasing number of virtual opportunities which enable students to gain an insight into a wide of industries.

Although we recommend that students link work experience placements to future career aspirations, the placement may not necessarily reflect the eventual career choice of the student but should allow a broad experience of the workplace.

Students are required to find their own placement but are encouraged to speak with Mrs Collier, our Pathways and Work Experience Coordinator for support and guidance.

The Darrick Wood School Work Experience Programme is supported by Bromley Education Business Partnership (BEBP) who provide guidance throughout the programme, including assisting the School with pre-placement checks and visits.

As a minimum requirement, all employers must have valid Employer’s Liability Insurance in place, at the time of the placement. Without this, the placement will not by approved by the School under any circumstances.

Aims of the Work Experience Programme

  • To give students a practical understanding of the wider society outside school, particularly the role of employment and the economy in everyday life and to prepare them for transition from education to employment.
  • To help students achieve a better understanding of industry including how a business functions, employer expectations and to introduce them to requirements, disciplines and satisfaction for working life.
  • To give students the opportunity to develop self-confidence and social skills, resilience, enhance general, personal and social development and to encourage them to acquire basic skills in a variety of work.
  • To enable them to form relationships outside their immediate social group and to make real life decisions.

Year 12 Work Experience Programme - Monday, 10 July - Friday, 14th July 2023

All Year 12 students are required to source a one-week work experience placement from Monday, 10th July until Friday, 14th July 2023.

Students have been briefed during a registration presentation, led by Mrs Collier, our Pathways and Work Experience Coordinator and are aware of their responsibility to source their own work experience placement.

Mrs Collier is available for support and guidance and students are aware that they must speak with her to keep her updated with their progress.

Once a student has secured a work experience placement, the following forms must be submitted by the deadlines outlined:

  • The Parent/Carer Consent Form here must be submitted as soon as you have found a placement and no later than Friday, 17th March 2023.
  • The Placement Information Form (see below) must be sent to the Work Experience Employer for completion as soon as they have agreed the placement. The form must then be returned to you to submit to School no later than Friday, 31st March 2023. Students are encouraged to email this form to the placement to be completed quickly. If Employers are unable to email the form, hard copies can be provided from my office.
  • The Notes for Parents/Carers/Employers must also be forwarded with the Placement Information Form to the placement provider.

Students are encouraged to contact Mrs Collier for advice and update her of their progress in finding a work experience placement. It is important that students do this so that the school are aware of individual progress and can update records in order for the Careers and Work Experience Department to start making basic checks on placements that have been sourced.

Could your organisation offer a work experience placement to our students?

If so, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact Mrs L Collier, Pathways and Work Experience Coordinator, for further information.

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